Saturday, October 31, 2015


This year too I celebrated October 2nd- Gandhi's birth anniversary as "SERVE YOUR SERVANTS DAY". What with my work load and having the 'flu, had been wondering how I would make it, but everything fell into place perfectly.

There were 65 guests-the maids of course and the gardeners and the security personnel and the municipal waste collectors and the painters (who were incidentally painting the Society buildings). After 5 years all my guests know that this is their day. They came dressed in their best and participated without any shyness in all the games.

Touching moments: The man who delivers flowers to the building, this year too had brought a 50 feet long string of jasmine and 2 dozen red roses for the maids and refused payment for them.

The gardener (who I call Baba; don't know his name although I quarrel with him daily over the tending of the garden)  and Jitendra the watchman who made sure everyone knew of the date and time and had an invite and cleaned and decorated the club house for the event.

The Chairman of the Society who unlike previous years, did not charge me for use of the club house.

My dear friends came without being asked to help in managing the games and serving the food. (biryani, cutlets and jalebis). (Thank you Devika, Beena, Sapna, Preeti, Sujata although I seriously doubt you busy society gals will ever see this page.)

My dear old friend Jehanbux Desai who gave me a small discount on the food. A very very very small discount. (You miserable Parsee!)

Sadly this year, forgot to take pictures. My niece Sonam did take one (she says she was too busy eating to take pictures) but I look so well-fed in that, I refuse to upload it.

Here's hoping for many happy returns of this day.


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