Sunday, February 5, 2012


1.       Because you don’t dream in black and white.
Your goals are general ones.  For example, a dream of “I want to be wealthy,” or “I want a beautiful house,” is a general goal. Start dreaming specifics.   “I will have 10 crores in my bank account by the time I’m 30,” or “I will have a 5-bedroom apartment with a front garden, in the suburbs,” are specific goals.  When you think specifics, you are crystallizing on what exactly you want.   Once you’ve planted the specific dream  in your mind, your subconscious will begin working on the idea, picking up on clues and opportunities that you would otherwise have missed and leading you without even realizing it, to fulfill  the dream. So start dreaming in black and white.
2.   Because you think Success is that one Big Special Step. 
You think, “Someday I will take that step and behold I will be successful.”  It’s not and you won’t.  You have to begin taking the first tottering steps right away even if they don’t seem to lead anywhere to your goal .  These first steps need to be taken to get things to move.  That round thing on the ground would have remained a round thing on the ground if someone hadn’t thought of standing it on end and getting it rolling . I have a friend who dreams of owning tall buildings, expensive cars, having  his own business, writing a book,  selling his  paintings. ( Yes, all of those. )
The reality is- he has saved enough money but hasn’t got around to buying a one-bedroom flat yet,  he has been dithering about buying  a bike for the past year,  he refuses to accept extra responsibility at work or take on extra tasks;  he won’t start a blog, and doesn’t own a paint brush.  He’s waiting for the Big Break!
Taking the first steps means volunteering to accept more responsibility, showing  willingness to do some one else’s tasks, buying that 1-room kitchenette which is all you can afford today.  They will get the wheel moving.  At first it will take a lot of effort but at some point, it will take off!  Those additional responsibilities could lead you to your own business; that single room might be the first room in the 5-bedroom house you want.  Don’t stop yourself from taking these first steps because you are waiting for something bigger to come along.   Start rolling!
3.   Because your attitude is wrong.
 You have brains (or you wouldn’t be reading this).  But just brains are never enough to succeed.  You will need help.  All successful people reach the top by standing on the shoulders of others.  The shoulders of friends, colleagues, neighbors, the security person, the household help.  Develop the right attitude.   Be friendly, be considerate, be helpful, be polite.  If you have a short temper and find yourself often losing it, pause and try and see the other’s point of view.  Especially, at stressful times when you are faced with insult or humiliation or injustice, take the high road- stay calm, don’t use harsh language, do not retaliate, keep your dignity.   There is a saying, if you want to know the language a man speaks, drop a stone on his foot.    It is in times of stress that your real personality shows up.  Develop the right attitude and it will  be appreciated and remembered!
4.   Because you expect favors to be returned.   
People often complain that they help others but never get a word of thanks in return.  Do a good deed for the sake of doing it. Never, ever, expect anything in return, not even a thank you.  When you get some thing in return, the deal ends right there.  But good deeds done without getting anything in return, always boomerang back to you from unexpected quarters and always at a time when you need them most.
5.    Because you are obsessed with your dream. 
You worry that you will never realize your dreams, never marry, never get that job, never own that house.  Your brain is cluttered with senseless worrying.  STOP.  Once you have formulated to yourself, what exactly you want, work hard irrespective of the fact that your work may not seem to have anything to do with achieving what your goal.  Your sub conscious self will invariably guide your steps sooner or later to fulfilling your heart’s desires.

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