Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let this not go to your head.....


This post is to welcome a new follower.

"I’m glad you think my blog and I are worth following. Gladder still that you took the decision to follow after much thought. I wouldn't want you to read and accept what I write just because I’m your Ma.

I’m happy about other things as well.

I’m happy you’re so beautiful, but happier that you’ve taken to heart the lesson that your looks are inherited and you can’t take the credit for them; but your character is what you make all by yourself. And that you’ve scored on that too.

I was happy when you won the P*****Scholarship but my proudest moment was learning that when asked by the panel of imposing interviewers, “What’s wrong with your little sister?” you didn’t worry about how your answer might affect your chances and replied icily, “There’s nothing wrong with her.”

I’m glad you put your sister above your prospects even though she will never realize it.

I’m happy you got yourself a job you wanted to do; but prouder still that you didn’t hesitate to risk it all and stopped what you were supposed to do, to feed a man with Parkinson’s who was having trouble feeding himself.

You didn’t win any prizes for that but I did.

I didn’t teach you to cook or sew and I’m not sorry about it; but I taught you to read and think and look after yourself and I’m glad you’re doing that so well. It’s right that you should do all to make yourself and your loved ones happy but always remember this:

All living creatures-birds,beasts,insects- are programmed to look after themselves and their loved ones. So it's no big deal.

It’s when we help those whom we don’t like or know, that we rise above being mere “living things” to becoming the image of Him- that we were meant to be. Yeah, big deal.

Not to end on a preaching-mommy note,( I'm a witch after all,) I'm also very glad that you're mature enough to be happy about my penchant for the Bat."

The Witch.


Trey - Swollen Thumb Entertainment said...

I like the part about rising up to be more than what we are programmed to be. I think that this is what separates us from animals... we have the power to become more than animals. Too bad a lot of people never utilize that power. Kudos to you!

Rosemary said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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