Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What women talk about...

Overheard at a beauty parlor:

Very pretty girl getting artificial nails fitted on:

So I bring him his soup and he says. "It’s cold."
So I heat it and bring it back.
He takes a sip and says: It’s still cold."
I take it back, heat it thoroughly and serve it again.
He : “It’s cold.”
I go, heat it, bring it back.
"Its cold.”
That's it. I go back, heat the soup to boiling point, then heat the spoon red-hot and bring it back with my loveliest smile.
The creep takes a sip and is silent for the rest of the flight.

Two very young girls lying with eyes closed and faces hidden under cucumber face masks:

Girl 1: The boy is coming this evening to “see” me.
Girl 2: Remember to look at his hands.
G1: Hands? Why hands?
G2: Don't be an idiot. Don't you know, the size of a man's hands is equal to the size of his…..
The face masks crack up.

Pregnant woman getting a foot massage:

At my Bunty's time I had it really bad.
I used to sit and sit and sit and strain and strain and at the end of it , what do I get?
THIS much. (Finger and thumb held an inch apart)

Much married matrons:
My husband is such a miser. He’s just back after a six-month stint abroad and guess what gifts he’s brought for the boys. The hotel blankets.

The above is absolutely true and just a small sample. Don't think you men are up to hearing the whole of it..

Lots of love and really sorry for keeping away for so long,


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