Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drive anyone?


Darlings, did you know that your driving style can reveal secrets about your sex life? For instance:

Sitting hunched over, hands clenched over the steering, fumbling at the gear stick?

You are nervous, unsure about yourself and tend to be a submissive partner.

Sitting at ease, but with hands clenched on the steering, fisting the gear stick changing gears?

You like it vigorous and violent.

Holding the steering wheel in the traditional 10’o’ clock or 2 o’clock using only your palm or tips of fingers to use the gearstick?

You are confident, know what you like, and are good at it, but definitely a difficult person to get physical with. You really don’t like anyone coming too close.

Are you are a fast driver, holding the top or bottom of the wheel, and really stylish with the gear stick?

Wow, you sure like calisthenics in bed and love flamboyant partners.

Incidentally, in India we have few gearless cars, which makes driving, particularly in our erratic traffic, quite a challenging experience. Skilful Indian drivers, male and female, therefore invariably tend to be intrepid, confident, and daring. (You do know what I'm talking about?)

Now darlings, if you don't believe me watch your partner while he/she drives and tell me if I’m wrong.

And if you want help in making a decision on ' to do or not to do' just go for a long drive.

You have fun.

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