Monday, April 27, 2009

Bitter Sweet......


I asked several people, both tweeters and “real life” friends what their best and worst memories of childhood were. I found that while the men’s were invariably of “winning”, the women’s were of “bonding”.

Amongst the men, the most touching was Aditya's. )  His best childhood memory was the time he won at an interschool competition and was desolate at finding none of his schoolmates around to cheer for him; until he saw his father- standing in the crowd, clapping heartily for his little boy.

Kamlesh, now CTO for Global Colleague an LPO here in Pune, tells me his worst memory is climbing up a mango tree in his village while on vacation and not being able to get down.  He was stuck there the whole night; was discovered the next morning by the villagers and had to be brought down with the help of a rope. I was very concerned about what he did the whole night as regards bodily functions, but he tells me they went straight down the tree. I hope it lived.

Kenney’s ( worst memory is being beaten up by his math teacher. It might interest you to know Kenney that Ratan Tata, our leading industrialist, also had a math teacher who apparently did his best to “get him thrown out of school.” (The great man himself in TOI).

Leo’s( worst is almost drowning in a nearby lake while his best memory is getting selected in the national basketball team. Interestingly Leo is now a startup entrepreneur in a very competitive field.

Neeta a friend, says her best memory is of winning a “healthy competition" at age 11.  Healthy baby at age 11? But I can understand why that memory should stand out.  Neeta is the scrawniest thing that has come out of India in a long while. (She is going to kill me for this.)

That everyone is not blessed with a happy childhood was brought home to me very strongly.  So strongly, that I almost did not do this post.  A Twitter friend tells me her worst childhood memory was of being sexually abused by her neighbor and stepfather and of having to stay away from home.  Fortunately for her, the experience has left her strong and far from embittering her, it has made her able to not only forgive, but also help others. She is a happy and well-adjusted woman today. (I am honored and humbled by your confidence, friend.) 

What I found wonderful was that she did not have to think long before coming up with a “good”memory.  It was of long swims in the nearby swimming pool with her darling kid brother, even though they had to dodge the “neighbor” while on their way to and back from the pool.

Tweeter @hedgemint from faraway Wales says her best is, “My mother polishing furniture while Doris Day was on the radio. I must have been two and I felt such sunshine.  My worst - school. Each flipping day. Ruined mypeace!”

I have no idea what the little butterfly is doing with her life at present but Iam sure it is something very happy and bright.Kay adds further that I must share my memories too.

Well, I was Papa’s girl; and my best memory is of him waking me up at night to eat caramels, because if he left them for morning, they would be eaten by the rest of the kid gang.

My worst is of peeing in a coconut shell and getting my little brother to do so too, (we were on holiday in Goa), and throwing the pee on my younger sister just to tease her.  I still can’t believe I could be so horrid.

And despite what they say about sibling rivalry not lasting, this sibling and I still bristle when we come together,although I don’t think I would ever do that again. Or would I?

Thank you all for cooperating. I’m sorry I could not fit in all the responses.  I hope you enjoyed this post and if I have offended anybody, I apologize in advance.



Aditya said...

It is indeed impressive that you could tell the whole world about peeing in a coconut and the latter part...

Devakishor said...

I couldn't reply to you in time.. so here goes.

My best childhood memory:
Me and my dad going fishing, to some far off lake, on a doodhwalla cycle. The first time I caught a fish, I was so proud:)

Worst Childhood memory:
Don't want to go into the details but it involves my getting beating up :)

Rosemary said...

Aditya, I've come a long way since then.

Leo said...

Seeing this post so late. Grt initiative. Amazing responses.