Friday, February 27, 2009

Twitter me down to size..


You’ve heard of Twitter. But if you think it's a social website, or a great place to market your skills, your products, unbelieve it. It’s not.

Rather it is the new age bible proclaiming in updates rather than verses, the word of a new age, tech- savvy god. Teaching you that whether it is you, or your sins, your sorrows, or your achievements, or your joys, nothing is anything to crow about. That there are thousands out there just like you.
So get real and never forget you are all nothing but dust.

You think you’re special because you’re a great writer, technology expert, biochemist, a spiritual, a tarot reader, a witch, a woman with seven kids, a pauper, a president or a religious leader.

You think you’re different because you hate your boss, you don’t love your kids, you want to kill your husband, you’re living with your wife for her money, and last night you had sex with the dog.

Read your Twitter. There is always someone out there tweeting “I just did that.”

Me, I thought I was unique in the little things. Like owning a pink towel, loving coffee, enjoying tea, drinking out of a mug, burning pans while cooking.

But someone in Massachusetts tweets: “I have a pink towel.”

And a tweeter in Londonia Nagar, UK chirps, “Drinking coffee. With 2 sugars. Out of a mug.”

And sometimes triumphantly, “Drinking tea.”

Not even my sins are unique. I thought I must be the only person who adds chicken cubes to the dishes I cook for my veggie friends.

But one tweet confesses: “I put meat in the veg burgers that I sell.” SIGH!

And if you want the ultimate proof that nothing you do is unique, listen to this update,

“I sit down to pee. And I am a man!”

I told you so.


Devakishor said...

You put chicken cubes while prep food for your veggie friends??

I am non-veg, but that is just cruel.. !!

Manisha said...

Dear Witch,

After reading this blog, believe me I am just not at all surprised.

Like I always say, "Once a witch always a witch" so you don't have to prove it, we are aware of it.

Know I shall utter these words, "You Brutus"