Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of chaddis, Hugs and so on...


The Week That Was-

There was the “pink chaddi” campaign, there was the free hugs campaign and then there was Dev D.

If the pink panty offerings were all about Indian women asserting their right to pub; the free hug campaign on V-day, was about their right to love.

And what was Dev D about? Frankly, their right to f***.

Men out there are you ready for the new urban Indian woman? One who is not ashamed to flaunt her sexuality? It’s going to take some getting used to.

Many gentlemen came out in support of all of the above. Sanjukta Basu from Bangalore a fellow blogger and tweeter told of one gentleman who stood on M.G. Road with a placard saying he promised his daughter, that she should have the freedom to choose her way of life. But there are also many 'gentlemen' who think protesting by sending panties and offering free hugs to men, is in poor taste and something ‘not done’ by good Indian women.

And there are those who think Dev D is obscene. (After all would any Indian woman take her mattress out to the fields and invite her lover to sleep with her? And would any Indian man show the finger to his woman? All this is not in our culture, no?)

I have a friend, Arun. He’s gone through a number of girlfriends. When asked why he didn’t settle down and marry one of them, he replied that it wasn’t he who didn’t want to marry; it was the women who didn’t want to get married.

“All they want,” he wails, “is to have fun.” Just when I’m beginning to feel sorry for him, he goes on to ask me out and when I refuse, he, (what else?), questions my sexual preferences.

You go for the jugular, girls!

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