Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Vietnamese Connection


My cousin, an American citizen, brought a Vietnamese girl he met on holiday in Vietnam, ( Yep, he's the type who holidays in odd places. Always was weird.) home for Christmas, and introduced her as his wife-to-be. PANDEMONIUM!!!
Outrage from his conservative mom. (She still lives in the dark ages. Eating out is a mortal sin. Anyone who cannot cook and sew is not a woman; and if you have men friends, you are a whore! ) Inappropriate comments about her appearance. Assorted relatives speculating whether the girl is a bar dancer, or a tart. Did he meet her at a disco, some sleazy hotel? Then for sure she's a you-know-what! Every Xmas do, had huddles of cousins whispering, you know, she probably wants to marry him to get to the US and once there, she'll dump him; and really have you seen him these days, he's so ugly ,who'd ever fall in love with him? She's definitely after the dollars. And so on, and so forth. To make matters worse, the girl holds no academic degrees, and has no apparent job or career, which in a middle class Indian home sets the seal on pariahdom.
The Vietnamese on her part, is less than enthusiastic about the conservative mom or about India for that matter. Post-Xmas Cousin declared that he will not marry without mom's consent. (The silly idiot!) And further declared that he will marry only his Vietnamese, or not at all. Ah-ha! The Vietnamese has meanwhile, very wisely, high-tailed it back to Vietnam. The cousin is flying back to NY . Prospective mom-in-law is in a quandary. And the family is awaiting future events with gleeful anticipation!
I am definitely cheering for the Vietnamese. Bar dancer, tart whatever! At least my dear cousin, chaste and virginal for some 34 years, (With a mother like that, what do you expect?) will have some excitement in his life. Rah Rah Vietnam !! Go for it Chi Chau! Smack some wet fish in mom- in-law 's face.
Waiting for a happy-ever-after ending,


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Echoes said...

Well.. Looks like he is a 'thoughtful idiot' to declare that he would marry only her and none else.. and also that he would not marry without his mom's consent..

Hope he realises.. its his life... and his choice to spend the rest of his life with whomsoever he chooses...

Wish him all the wisdom in choosing wisely..