Monday, December 15, 2008

Bachelors and Brides..

Someone has definitely jinxed the Witch. It’s been a bad week so far, and no signs yet of it getting better. But you don’t come here to watch the witch weep. So promise, no tears.
My bachelor friends are all on a “look-for-a-bride” spree. That reminds me of a story.

Once upon a time there was this guy who thought he was good looking. Unfortunately, he was a techie and as everyone knows techies are weirdos. So he had no girlfriends and of course no wife. He got so fed up of everyone teasing him about this that he decided to ask the first woman he met that day, to marry him.

The first woman he met was the auntie next door who came out to pick up the newspaper. Even though he was weird, the techie was honest, and since he had taken a decision, he felt he had to ask her although she had a husband and grown up children. So he said, “Auntie, will you marry me?” Auntie knew how sick he was and besides she already had a jealous boyfriend, so she ignored him.

The techie next met a pretty girl. He asked her, “Will you marry me?” The girl took her thumb out of her mouth, hit him with her water bottle and lisped, “Give me a chocolate, Uncle?” The techie took this to be a refusal. He was quite relieved. The girl would need years to develop the essential physical components that he needed in a bride and besides, she seemed greedy. Techies are tightfisted weirdos!

He next saw jogging towards him a very pretty young girl. The tight shirt and slacks she wore, reassured him that all her assets were worth acquiring. He could not see her face but he didn’t mind that, since all faces are the same in the dark. He got all excited. As she came closer, he imagined himself asking the fateful question, her shy nod, then- their wedding. It would be at a church, he liked that idea. The priest was just saying to him, ‘you may kiss the bride,’ when the girl turned in at the gate ahead and disappeared. So the techie failed again.

The next woman was also young and pretty. She was also his elder sister but he had made a vow to ask the first woman he met, so he had to ask her. Don’t forget he was a weirdo. So he said, “Didi, will you marry me?” Didi gave him a blow which dislodged his dental fillings. But she did not say anything because she knew he was a weirdo and because there are some things you have to put up with from family.

Techie did not give up. He walked on until he saw another woman. Once again, he asked his question and this time the woman said immediately, “I will.” You see, she was another techie and one weirdo recognized the other. So this is how the techie finally got married.
Did they live happily every after? Don’t be silly! Techies don't live, they exist.

The jinx has however, lifted from dear friend Matthias . He’s getting married on the 29th of December. If he hasn’t invited you to the reception, go ahead and gatecrash at Shreyas on 2nd January 2009, at 7.30 p.m.

And those of you, who know of any impediment to this marriage, please join the queue at the City Church, Pune.
Love you,

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