Monday, November 10, 2008

Not my city, not my state; but my India.


Mohammad Pande ( MP) is an educated, cultured Indian. He would have been born a bastard if his Hindu Dalit mother had not married his father in the nick of time. His father had been married before and had a son from that first marriage. When MP was a toddler, his mom divorced his father, married a Christian man and bore him three children. MP now has a Muslim father, a Dalit mother, a Christian stepfather, three Christian step-siblings and a Muslim half-brother . Obama with a similar history, (according to media reports) , will soon be President of America. So can the fictitious Mohammad Pande aspire to be the future leader of a country? Not of India at any rate. Not while political parties like the MNS and Bajrang Dal flourish. And not while the educated, intelligent Indian remains a slave to the system, prefers to bury his hand in the sand and keeps silent in the face of injustice.

Obama did not make history. His country did. By choosing to believe in him. By making the choice that nothing mattered more than the quality of the man. Not his color, not his birth, not his family tree. Not the place he came from but where he would, one day, lead.

People, India belongs to all and every one of us. Choose not to have just one small corner of it belong to you. Choose to make it ALL yours. Make a deliberate decision not to let a small-time political party decide where you are going to live, where you are going to work, and which religion you should follow. Stand up for that friend, that neighbor, that stranger on the street, who is thrown out of his home, his job, by a wannabe politician because he comes from a different state or is of a different religion. He is truly brave who would fight another's battle!

It is the common people of America who raised their country over and above every nation on the earth. It is people like you and me who could make the JANA GANA MANA the anthem of the world. Speak up. Silence is golden no more.


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