Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is my first time

Hey, this is my first blogging experience. I'm definitely not tech savvy, so I'm really feeling proud of myself for getting this far. I'm actually a Professor teaching Business Law. I hate admitting that- it sounds so stuffy and I'm really not the ideal professor. I owe my success in the profession to my wonderful management students who love my attitude, my unconventional ways, and my really weird jokes. I have been published on the editorial page of Times of India. Google for Ruhee or Ruhi Amle and you'll find me.

This blog is dedicated to all my friends at the company I worked for part time, until a month ago, as their legal editor and edited the company newsletter. The firm downed shutters and the employees, all legal professionals, while parting ways, begged me to continue sending them newsletters. So guys,here's the witch- back to doing what she likes best- entertaining you.

That was casually said -"the firm downed shutters". Actually the whole experience was so bad, none of us have gotten over it yet. Of course everyone wept buckets on the final day. What I found most heart-rending was that for days after that, some of the ex-employees used to drive over and visit the building where the firm was housed, just to take a look at it. Apart from the emotional ripping apart, there was financial disaster for most, some of whom are still jobless.

Working for an international firm sounds cool but in retrospect I found it too, too mercenary. We Indians take visitors into our hearts and homes. We did that with our employers as well and when they left us without a word, we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The directors sent a brief e-mail- sorry, this is it, and there we were , all in a heap -doing what we could to hold each other up.

I have to get back to marking answer sheets. So, I'll end this here. But not on that note. Remember guys, all bad things come to an end just like good things and things will look up. That's a witch's promise. Looking forward, to your comments.

Love you all,

The Witch


Priya said...

The witch is back and with a bang! I could not believe what I was reading: A sms announcing “Get your newsletter….” Shock was replaced by excitement, the prospect of setting our eyes on your newsletter was simply unbelievable. It took me back to TLP. Memories of anxious wait for the newsletter flooded back from the doors, which we are trying so hard to close. Well, so much for the sob story. I am just glad that the witch’s wit and her newsletter shall survive, TLP notwithstanding! Here’s wishing you all the best for your maiden blog venture. Keep blogging.

Bhavesh said...

hi rose meri come out from TLP mania. keep in mind " the show must go on "

Echoes said...

Thats a great 'first write' blogging that is! Wish you happi bloggin! :)

Does name matter? said...


I read you years back for the first time when you wrote about your parents and now this! I admire the heart that writes. Loosing a job is of course disaster but some of you guys seem to have lost the life that your office used to be. I agree with you that we Indians take the guests into our hearts and homes, thereby allowing them to devastate us..... and few of those actually end up doing so.... My heart goes out to you people.

Rahul Kadam said...

Hi rose,

its so nice to revisit your kind words. TLP is our past; but memories still linger....if the last day was that much sad, thank God I was not there. Thanks very much foe giving some plateform to meet our colleagues and afterall I am True Colleague....